Our Team

Mark Harvey

Photographer (Associate)

Mark Harvey has been Sero’s photography partner since we set up in 2004 and has worked on our national as well as regional and local projects.


Mark understands all aspects of commercial photography including press, public relations, staff and corporate portraits, as well as editorial photography for print and online. His photographs are used to illustrate our publications and websites, to feature in our videos and to accompany our press releases.

Mark is experienced at working with young people and is particularly good at helping all subjects to feel relaxed and at ease with being photographed. Importantly, he understands all the issues around safeguarding.

Above all, Mark is adept at securing the shots that are needed, whatever the situation – in the midst of complex events, on staged photoshoots, in one-to-one interviews, or at media launches.

His portfolio of clients in addition to Sero include: BBC, Giroscope, the Home Office, the National Probation Service, Sheffield Hallam University, Unite and Unison.